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The newspaper industry is not dead.  In fact, the citizens of a small but prosperoustown just outside of Austin, Texas proved that in 2013 with their grassroots effort to return a local newspaper to their hometown. They'd been without one for nearly two years.  After a pre-paid subscription drive involving the whole community succeeded grandly, we began publishing The Northshore Star, the fourth newspaper in our small group.  It was the only start-up in Texas that year. But every issue was profitable during our ownerhship!
We provide consulting and other services -- including interim management -- for established publishers and others interested in start-up publications of any kind.

Real Estate, Builders

Learn how to use community newspapers to bring clients to your website -- then to your office. We've developed specialty publications for Home Shows as well as directories, mobile applications and other products of special interest to the Real Estate and Building industries.

Whether you operate in the smallest market or the largest, we can help you understand the media and constructively raise the profile of your business or professional practice. We specialize in helping business that draw customers and clients from broad geographical areas understand the power of community newspapers.  They are loyally and intensively read, trusted and one of the best means of reaching almost every consumer and bringing them to your doorstep.


Our newspapers operated in an extremely competitive environment. In our primary two-county market of less than 100,000 people and three communities with well-developed retail and residential areas, there were seven newspapers when we arrived. Within two years, our papers had reversed a downward trend and become unquestionably dominant in advertising, circulation, news coverage and internet traffic. Ask us to help you get that kind of results!

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Unfortunately, few people engaged in communications and marketing for hospitals, clinics, physician groups and others in medical professions have a depth of experience in both media and medicine. In 14 years as vice president overseeing communications, publications and marketing at the University of Texas' flagship medical center -- with more active Nobel Laureates than any other in the world -- our large staff of writers, designers and others operated one of the most pro-active and responsive medical information offices in the country. We offer evaluation, recommendations and programs for medical public affairs, marketing and publication operations. including veterinary practices.


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Is your group expanding quicker than your staff of experienced executives and managers? Take your time and hire the right person.  Meanwhile, allow me to help get things going and running smoothly during the transition.

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Special Publications

A host of special publications gave our turnaround momentum. We can help you conceive and produce attractive and profitable publications -- including extra pages or newsprint tabs to glossy magazines. Call us to talk about new money-making strategies.


We'll work with you to develop a fee structure to fit your needs and budget. You'll likely be surprised how favorably our personal engagement charge compare to those of large agencies and consultant groups -- and how they can fit within your budget.

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We maintain relationships with some of the most creative, talented and reasonably-priced talent in the market to develop quality unique digital and print products.